Grade 3

Some websites on this page may require adult assistance. 


Ideas on art projects from the popular TV show

Learn about the four instrument families of the orchestra

Learn about Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion instruments (Requires Flash)

Game-based adventure to learn about the various instruments of the orchestra


Canadian government site of the Canadian Food Guide

UK website that explains how many foods are grown and processed

Explores a variety of health topics; safety, growth, nutrition

A wealth of information on the topic of sport concussion for all audiences including video links

An interactive web site that helps students learn how to handle bullying


Animated typing program

Links to websites of children's authors and illustrators

Learn about advertising tricks

Book readings by many popular actors and actresses, includes related activities and downloadable guides with questions, discussion starters, and story prompts

An online newspaper created for kids.  

A range of activities, apps, contests and games

Howard Wigglebottom books in video format with songs and other activities that help children feel good about themselves while promoting reading

Interactive geometry activities for grades 3-5 that include area, perimeter, shape builder and sorter

Video, game and print activities for math concepts

NCTM standards-based activities and materials to support a variety of math strands

All strands of math, various grades, including word problems

More than tools! Advanced all-Internet-index of hundreds of math tools, resources, activities and lesson plans

Activities related to number, patterns and relations, shape and space, as well as statistics and probability. Includes a glossary of terms

Games, learning tools and activities all in support of mathematics.

Interactive manipulatives by grade level plus math backgrounds and drawing/measuring tools (like Notebook 'lite')

Virtual manipulatives and games to help with algebra, data management, measurement, number sense and numeration

Enrichment, problems, articles and games to promote thinking around 'RICH' tasks

Build a simple pictograph on screen; choose the pictures and the scale

Science & Technology

Forces Causing Movement

Magnet Game: How to be a Millionaire
Answer questions about magnets to become a millionaire

Strong and Stable Structures

Structures: Building Big
Build a bridge, dam, dome, skyscraper or tunnel
Growth and Changes in Plants

The Great Plant Escape
Help Detective LePlant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life

A site with multiple projects related to tomatoes, including growing tomatoes

Soils in the Environment
Learn about the many aspects of soil and their uses

Sustainability Game
Play games and watch videos about soil, its uses and importance

The Earth's Soil - Geology
Learn all about the properties of soil

Social Studies

Communities in Canada, 1780 - 1850

Images and information from Acadian Historical Village

Get ready to travel from Europe to Upper Canada as you settle in the New World

Short games for building a longhouse, sodhouse, tipi, and more

Pioneers in Upper Canada (English and French)
Information about pioneer and aboriginal life in Upper Canada - includes printable booklet with cloze sentences for students to use with the site

Early pioneers in Saskatchewan, includes primary documents and images for a variety of topics

Visual Map of Upper Canada Village with information on jobs of various people in the village

Explore virtual exhibits and interactive learning resources created by Canadian museums and galleries.

Living and Working in Ontario 

Interactive site where students can create their own community

A visual representation of an urban, suburban and rural community.


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