Grade 1

Some websites on this page may require adult assistance.


View a variety of art lessons

Students identify instruments from the orchestra, and hear them play

Learn about Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion instruments

Listen to instruments from around the world and create your own piece of music

Game-based adventure to learn about the various instruments of the orchestra


Fire Safety Videos and activities from National Fire Protection Association

Help students establish positive oral health habits

Kids Health site shares safety information on a variety of topics

Kids Health site shares fire safety information


ABC & 123 Magnets
Build word wall and site words on a fridge

Phonetics review (game of memory matching picture cards to letter cards)

A game where pictures are matched to beginning letter sounds, short vowel sounds, and long vowel sounds

Students click and drag the puzzle pieces to complete the alphabet pictures. When a picture is complete the letter and picture word are pronounced

An interactive site to sort objects, match letters and rhyme

A game of combining letters to make words

Practice finding and typing letters on the keyboard

Basic literacy (and numeracy) activities with the choice of levels

Various levels of 'learning to read' from letter recognition to short stories

Select appropriate reading level and play a game of bingo against the computer

Book readings by many popular, current actors and actresses, includes related activities and downloadable activity guides with questions, discussion starters, story prompts, information about the story

Fun phonics and literacy activities.  An account (free) is required to access the activities

A range of activities, apps, contests and games

Howard Wigglebottom books in video format with songs and other activities that help children feel good about themselves while promoting reading

Game for sorting words into groups

Create a word search using word wall words, and then try to solve your own puzzle


Practice counting by 1s, 10s and 100s

Choose the correct sign to place between two numbers. Get 5 right and play a game!

Guess the number to reveal a picture using greater than or less than clues

Games, learning tools and activities 

Interactive manipulatives by grade level plus math backgrounds and drawing/measuring tools (like Notebook 'lite')

Virtual manipulatives and games to help with algebra, data management, measurement, number sense and numeration

Locate numbers on a hundreds chart

Basic numeracy (and literacy) activities with the choice of levels

Practice number sequence by arranging numbers in ascending order

Build a simple pictograph on screen; choose the pictures and the scale

Science & Technology
Needs & Characteristics of Living Things

An interactive game about the basic needs of plants

Science and Social Studies information, media and games

An interactive game where students identify living things

A good place to look for animals of the world
Materials, Objects, & Everyday Structures

An interactive game where students can sort and identify various materials

An interactive game where students can sort and test different materials

An interactive site to explore structures indoors, in nature and in the community
Energy in Our Lives

Environmental activities and information 

An animated illustration of the states of matter
Daily & Seasonal Changes

Students can match the pictures and words of the seasons

Social Studies
Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities

I Am Unique
Five activities that explore uniqueness and identity

Local Community

Build a Neighbourhood
Create one of four neighbourhoods

Community Club: Listen and Read
Small books tell about community jobs

Make a Town
Print simple designs on paper to build 3-D models of building

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